WHF Geared motors

WHF helical in-line gearmotors are drives in a cast iron housing of the IRON-G Motion™ line of products. The IRON-G Motion™ line of geared motors has been designed to offer products suitable for continuous cycle drives, where their proper operation in all conditions must be ensured.

WHF geared motors are drives adapted to transmit high power, which are often used as the main drive. Therefore, with regard to these geared motors, particularly high requirements for their reliability and service life are expected.

Assembled in Poland - WHF gearbox and geared motors are installed in our helical in-line gearbox and geared motor assembly center located in Toruń at the headquarters of our company.
Production times- the standard time for the assembly of the gearbox or WHF geared motor is not greater than 48 hours!
Warranty - the products are under our warranty, we also provide post-warranty services.
Technical parameters - six mechanical volumes with two switch steps and thirteen mechanical volumes with three switch steps provide the range of output torque within the range of 1.40 Nm to 18300 Nm and falling within the range of available switches from i=1.30 to 1.289.74
Quick assembly - every WHF geared motor is available in three versions of housing - on foots, with an output flange, and with flange and foots.

"Thanks to their technical parameters and mechanical design - WHF helical in-line geared motors are widely used in modern working machines, and as the main drive

The WHF geared motors is a compact design of a helical in-line gear with two or three gear ratios enclosed in a cast iron body. The body is made of grey cast iron of high rigidity, the geometry of which has been verified using the FEM (Finite Element Method) software. Toothed gears and drive elements are made of structural steel. Our offer also includes 19 mechanical volumes. A very broad selection of switches (ranging from i=1.30 to i=289.74) and output torque (ranging from 1.40 Nm to 18300 Nm) allows for the use of our WHF helical in-line geared motor in a number of industries, from an auxiliary motor to a main drive in a modern working machine.

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WHF helical in-line gearmotors the IRON-G Motion™ series
WHF helical in-line gearmotors the IRON-G Motion™ series

WHF-L-51 helical in-line geared motor
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