SWHF Geared motors

SWHF helical-worm geared motors are a new type of gearmotor construction. The combination of a worm gear with a helical gear in a tight housing allowed us to get very high switch ration reaching as much as i=4000. SWHF geared motors are used in the machines where very low torque speeds are required with a limited assembly space for the geared motor.

An advantage of SWHF helical-worm gearboxes in comparison with typical worm gearboxes is greater efficacy, particularly fluid operation and high switch ratios in a tight construction.

Compact design - the combination of a helical gear with a worm gear in a compact design allows to obtain very high gear ratios in the range from i = 80 to i = 4000.
Technical parameters - four mechanical quantities with two gear ratios provide a torque range from 200 Nm to 915 Nm in the output shaft speed range from 35 rpm to 0.3 rpm
Quick assembly - without major mechanical modifications, a SWHF gearbox can be mounted in place of a worm gear with sizes 063, 075, 090 and 110.
Warranty - these are products covered by our warranty, we also provide post-warranty service.

"SWHF geared motor are simple constructions, providing high level of working culture and a reasonable size-technical parameter ratio.

SWHF helical worm gears are available in four mechanical sizes: 063, 075, 090 and 110. The body of this gearbox has been designed so that it is easy to install it in place of classic worm gears. In addition, the compact design of this gearbox, thanks to which it is possible to obtain very high gear ratios, makes SWHF suitable for use in demanding machines where very low rotational speeds of working shafts are required.

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SWHF helical-worm gearboxes
SWHF helical-worm gearboxes the ALU-G Motion™ series

SWHF 090 P80B5 helical-worm gearboxes
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