Assembly of geared motors

Shortening delivery times, the possibility to modify and adapt gears to a customer's individual needs, as well as a broader technical and service support. These are the goals that the company achieved by launching the transmission and geared motor assembly center in March 2016. In our warehouse you can find all the parts and components needed to assemble a mechanical transmission of the ALU-G Motion™ or IRON-G Motion™ series. Our gearboxes have a modular design, which makes both its assembly and subsequent service easier. The assembly of the gearbox itself in our assembly plant consists of combining the output module with the appropriate set of gears and pinions, ensuring obtaining the desired gear ratio. The closure of the gearbox is carried out with an input flange (IEC or a special design prepared for the customer) or an input shaft - depending on the design. Our warehouse, both modules and sets of gears and pinions, allows you to assemble any configuration of mechanical transmissions of the ALU-G Motion™ and IRON-G Motion™ series. Basing on original parts that are manufactured in Poland and EU countries, as well as by applying international quality standards, norms, and directives, we assemble the following types of gears and geared motors under the HF INVERTER brand:

  • hypoid
  • helical in-line gearmotors
  • bevel and helical-bevel gearmotors
  • worm and helical-worm gearmotors
  • planetary

From our customers' point of view, this significantly improved the process of carrying out orders for geared motors. An extensive warehouse of parts and components used for the assembly of gearboxes, as well as accompanying devices (electric motors, converters, softstarters, reducers, geared motors) allows flexible response to customer needs.


The driving force of the company is close cooperation with the customer. The technical department, using modern engineering tools and 3D modeling, develops innovative technologies that are used in modern industrial processes. Already today, regardless of the type of HF INVERTER® products used, the industry or the scale of needs, the company offers its customers the best possible solutions, and a wide engineering staff provides professional service.

In our gear and gear assembly center, we use automatic presses, oil dosing control devices, devices for heating bearings, bushings and gears, and many tools and auxiliary equipment (e.g. pneumatic wrenches with dynamometer, various types of pullers and tensioners, vertical drills, etc.). In the quality control process, we use not only marking and measuring devices, but also test stations and dynamometers of our own design, which distinguishes our assembly plant from the competition. Thanks to the use of such a modernly equipped assembly line, the standard deadline for assembling the gearbox does not exceed 48 hours, and our customer receives a product of the highest quality.  

ALU-G Motion™ gearmotorsSeries Gearboxes include WAHF helical gears, the already well-known THF hypoid gears, SHF worm gears and a completely new design: SWHF helical-worm gears in a compact housing. The gear bodies of this series are made of high-quality cast aluminum. They are available in the power range from 0.06kW to 15.0kW and output torque from 3Nm to 1550Nm and a wide range of gear ratios.

IRON-G Motion™ gearmotors Series Gearboxes include WHF helical gears and WBHF helical-bevel gears. The gear bodies of this series are made of high quality G200 gray cast iron. They are available in the power range from 0.12kW to 200kW and output torque from 1.40Nm to 62.800Nm and a wide range of gear ratios.